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How to transfer OVO to another OVO, it is easy and fast.

OVO is a kind of electronic money found in Indonesia, where there is a  way to transfer OVO to a  friend’s  OVO or someone else’s OVO.  Of course, the existence of e-money technology or e-money will facilitate the existing payment system. Because it is considered more practical and faster.

The ease of use of electronic money can be achieved with only a sufficient balance and an electronic money account. Like the balance on an ATM card, balance is very important. The balance of this electronic money also determines how much nominal money is stored.

Therefore, you need to take into account the balance included in the user account, otherwise it will be useless later. Therefore, the user should remember the available balance and check it periodically. Adjusting the balance is very easy, just open the app installed on your smartphone.

There are many conveniences offered using this electronic currency. This means that users can also transfer between OVO users. However, in order to enjoy these features, you need to meet some conditions first. In addition, if the balance of the account is not enough, you need to recharge it first.

Charge before you know how to transfer an OVO to OVO

Of course, before making transactions involving electronic money, a certain amount of balance is required. When you add an OVO balance by charging, there are several ways to recharge the balance in your OVO account. Bank ATMs, m-banking, through cashiers who have previously cooperated with OVO.

If the minimum charge nominal is 10 thousand through a bank account, ATM or m banking, there is a minimum charge requirement. With one of the cashiers who have previously worked with OVO, at least 50 thousand people are usually replenished.

How to transfer  OBO to OBO through a charging transaction requires an additional fee for the management fee. Truly, the cost is not expensive, just a thousand rupiah. However, charging through the Grab driver will waive this management fee. So what you want to charge anywhere is still the same depending on your comfort.

The steps to charge via a bank ATM are to first insert your ATM card into your ATM computer. Select the Send Money menu and select Send to another bank. If you have selected Nobu Bank and filled in the number 9 + numbers of  your mobile number (for example, 5039081******)  after 503 ode.

If you choose the desired nominal, you will be charged a thousand rupiah. And the minimum charge is 10 thousand, after which follow these instructions to complete the transaction:   If you can verify your account on your smartphone, whether the balance has been entered accordingly.

How to Transfer OBO to OVO and Fulfillment of the Terms and Conditions

If the step of filling the OVO balance is completed, and it is sufficient as required, please pay attention to the conditions when transferring the OVO to  OVO. Of course, if you want to transfer the balance to  someone else’s OVO balance, you must first meet the requirements. The main requirement is that you must upgrade.

Upgrading here is to upgrade your OVO account to  OVO  Premier. So you can get this transfer feature quickly and easily later on. In order to upgrade and receive this balance transfer feature, you will need to do a verification first. Therefore, you will need to do your ID and photo later.

The first requirement for transferring OVO to OVO is to prepare the ID card and the ID of the camera on your smartphone and use the transparent camera to facilitate the face verification step.  The first step in the upgrade  is to  select the Upgrade menu in the application. If you choose to upgrade online, take a clear picture of the ID card.

Then fill in  your mother’s biological name, then take a photo with your face and ID card. The photo should be focused and clear, not blurred. Then check and check the boxes of the available terms and conditions checklist. Select a process and continue with the confirmation.

Proses This verification is usually only carried out for up to 24 hours. Therefore, you do not have to wait long and can only do it at home. This will certainly provide the user with his convenience. Once confirmed, the account can be used for wire transfers.

Begini Cara Transfer OVO ke OVO

There are several steps  to transfer an OVO to OVO, which is easy and doesn’t take long. That is, you just need to upgrade your account to Premier and you can already perform this transaction. Of course, before you make a transfer, make sure that your balance is sufficient for your needs.

Upgrading to Premier is useless, but that’s because the balance isn’t good enough. Here are the steps to perform a transfer transaction  from one account to another:    The first way to transfer an OVO to OVO is to open the application on  your smartphone, if you have selected the Transfer menu on the main page of the application.

Then, if you have just entered the form by name or user number, choose to transfer it to your fellow users. In this step, pay close attention to the number or name you entered and make sure you don’t make mistakes. To avoid this, you will also be offered to select a contact.

This is to make it easier for the user to be transferred if they are registered with their smartphone contacts. In addition to being more practical, this is to make sure that the filled in numbers are correct. If you have filled in the nominal note to be transferred later, the minimum amount transferred is 10 thousand.

If you continue with the next process, you will see the contents of the message, where it is optional. You can enter whether or not you want to enter it for additional information about the transaction. If you choose Continue, a pop-up will appear regarding your transaction information. Once you have verified that the data is accurate and appropriate, press the Transfer button.

After that, all you have to do is wait for the balance to enter the recipient’s account.  Manually check with the recipient whether the balance has been received or not.    Don’t make the long wait that usually contains the perl u balance. As with a typical ATM transfer, it only takes a few minutes after the transaction is completed.

Fees  from OVO to OVO Transfer

If you already understand and know how to transfer the OVO to OVO and the  conditions that must be met  , in this case, you will be provided with information about the cost of performing  t ransaksi.  For  transaksi between the user and the  OVO account, the required fee is free.

This is done in order to make it more comfortable for users to use the features available in this application. However, if you transfer from an OVO user to your bank account, there is a transaction fee that is 2500 rupiah per transaction.

So, make sure that you have enough balance so that the balance is not reduced due to additional charges for future transactions. With the presence of this e-money technology, it is very easy and fast. In Indonesia itself, the technology has been supported by many stores, such as food or other products.

The use of electronic money aims not only to be easier and faster, but also to make financial transactions more practical than ever before. All you need is a smartphone to make a quick transaction. This method of transferring OVO to OVO is expected to make the user more comfortable.

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